reanimate objects

Animated GIFs of (preferably non-human) animals. A mix of scientifically correct taxonomy and anthropomorphic lies.

A couple of days ago I was really happy to find a great green bush-cricket. Yesterday, at the same spot, I found this one hit by a car, still twitching. I arranged a little funeral for it, like I used to do when I was a child (more recently inspired by pet-burial). There were eggs spilling out, and I put them in a jar with some soil and leaves, in case they might hatch. If anyone has suggestions on how to keep them, let me know.


thundercloud-above-me asked: This blog is seriously amazing, and I love how you always include the taxonomy. The excess of insect gifs leaves my heart aflutter <3 Merci beaucoup for your fantastic work!

Thank you! It makes me happy to know that at least someone appreciates my compulsive tagging. I never understood the ones who seem to think that things are more attractive without context/information/taxonomy.